The Second Son by Wayne McKinstry

The Second Son by Wayne McKinstry
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Norman is only the second son, so everything about is him subordinate to his older brother and crown prince Eric. As long as Norman is a child he does not really mind. But one day Eric’s bride-to-be arrives at the Castle. Her name is Icelandia and she is beautiful beyond belief. Eric gets stinking drunk so Norman innocently asks her to dance. They hit it off really well and that is just not allowed!!
Poor Norman is banished to a remote province. While he is there, an alien starship lands on their planet, intent on enslaving the population. This crises forces everyone great and small to reexamine the traditional roles that society has laid out for them.
How does Norman deal with his issues, both planet-wide and personal? What role will Icelandia play? The answers may surprise you. Only 99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited!