The Shopgirl’s Prophecy by Anna Abner

The shopgirls prophecy
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Only she can stop the vampire apocalypse. But it may take every last drop of her blood…

Allie Rusenko would go to the ends of the Earth to uncover her true heritage. So when her father dies and leaves behind a supernatural clue, the shy British shopgirl ventures off in search of her long-lost family amid the neon lights of Las Vegas. But she runs into a darker type of reunion when she’s ambushed by vampires only to be swept off her feet by a red-hot hunter.

Connor Beckett is convinced he’s doomed the world. After accidentally unleashing a legendary vampire from bondage, he suspects the beautiful Allie could be his last hope. And as the dark prophecy surrounding her unfolds, he’s hellbent on protecting the naïve magic-bearer from every bloodsucker in Sin City.

With sparks flying and the vicious horde at their heels, Connor fears Allie's mysterious legacy may be the only thing between their racing hearts and razor-sharp fangs.

Can a shopgirl and a hunter stake the rising evil and prevent an undead apocalypse?

Shopgirl’s Prophecy is the action-packed first novel in the Beasts of Vegas paranormal romance series. If you like strong heroines, magical worlds, and savage vampires, then you’ll love Anna Abner’s fierce urban fantasy.

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