The Sigil Masters by Rick Duffy

The sigil masters
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A Desperate Quest. A Buried History. Wizards and Gods and a Boy Caught Between.

Par has a terrible secret. Unlike the rest of his people, he can’t invoke magic. If discovered, he faces a devastating sentence—his mind will be ripped open and ‘corrected’, changing how he thinks and feels and remembers.

Undoing his curse risks his soul.

But when Par and his best friend are caught cheating in a sacred ritual, they flee all they’ve ever known to seek a wizened master who can unravel the mystery of the young man’s curse. Ancient magics and a power-hungry madman will threaten not only Par’s soul, but his entire world.

Caught in the shadow of death, Can the ill-fated teen find a light to save them all?

The Sigil Masters is an immersive YA fantasy novel. If you like memorable worlds, intricate magical systems, and the strong ties of friendship, you’ll love Rick Duffy’s epic adventure.

Winner, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers 2018 Gold.