Songs of War: A Dance of Darkness by P. Westdijk

Songs of War by Pepijn Westdijk
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Shadows killed the Light and war rages across the world. The sacred High Immortals have chosen their sides and mortals are forced to choose as well. Now, the king of Darkness has died and his son sits upon the throne. Loyalists of the Light are rallying to strike down the darkness once and for all. A new era is beginning and the dark secrets of the world are beginning to surface.

Seven unique mortals cross paths, each with their own desires, seeking aid in the same place. Ancient vaults of legend must be opened, some to restore what was lost and others to prevent them from losing everything. The group must travel together across the lands and face terrible horrors, sacred High Immortals and strife amongst themselves as they discover that they all have a different allegiance in this era of war. Did they pledge themselves to the right cause, or is not everything as it seems?