The Sorcerer’s Tome by Phillip Sealey

The sorcerer's tome
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The Thomas Knight Chronicles - Book 1

THOMAS KNIGHT believes in magic, especially at this time of year. He wouldn’t be surprised if Santa himself descended from the night sky and asked for directions to the nearest reindeer servicing depot. But tonight, Tom will discover that magic is real as he is thrust into a world of mythical creatures, magical objects, evil sorcerers and very cold feet.

Walking home after a Christmas party, the fourteen-year-old has an unfortunate encounter with a magic portal and is deposited in an ancient realm where mystical forces originated. In his attempt to get back to his own world, Tom meets an unemployed cleric who soon learns that Tom is a powerful hero, about whom the ancient Lost Scrolls were written centuries before.

Tom enlists the help of a vampire with an affliction, a girl who is barking mad for a couple of days a month, a fairy with a masculinity complex and a weepy seer to help him get home, but he must first rid this world of its evil ruler, the Sorcerer Balfour, steal the source of his power, a book containing the most powerful magic and use it to open a portal back to his Berkshire home. No problem. The trouble starts when he tries to use magic. He has power, that much is certain, but it’s like using a flame thrower to light a birthday candle.