Spirit Sight by Ross Hightower

Spirit sight

In a remote village, on the edge of a corrupt empire, Minna Hunter wakes one day to find small orbs of light flitting through the trees. But Minna's delight at finding she has spirit sight soon turns to despair. In the Empire, communing with spirits is punishable by death. Branded a witch, she resigns herself to a lonely existence.

When her sister, Alyn, gains spirit sight, Minna promises her she will never leave her alone. But titanic forces are at play, forces with Minna and Alyn's fates in mind. When the Inquisition captures Alyn, Minna must leave her small life and step onto history's grand stage.

In the Inquisition prison, Alyn learns she must choose between serving her captors against her own people or die. Meanwhile, Minna evades agents of the Inquisition and discovers her world is not what she believes it to be. To save her sister, she must master her spirit song, grasp her destiny and become the heroine her people need.

Spirit Sight by Ross Hightower is the first novel in the Spirit Song Trilogy. Mythic in scope, yet intimate and engaging, this is a story that will draw you in and won't let go.