Stirring Embers by W. Killian and L. Starker

Stirring Embers
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Eleanor Kraye knows all about monsters.

Her dreams are filled with them.

Cursed with what she calls “the Glitch” – Eleanor sees things from the corner of her eye that should not exist. She’s also the one who brought notorious serial killer, David I.C.K., the Ice Cream Killer to justice. The shadows and the secrets they hold don’t scare her, but then she witnesses a murder that defies belief. A murder committed in broad daylight on a busy New York street in front of hundreds of potential witnesses, and Eleanor is the only one who sees the killer.

A killer that defies logic.

A killer that should not exist.

A Thing...

A monster that has now followed her home.

Stirring Embers is Book 1 of the Light and the Void Series, an urban fantasy action adventure where the female hero is being hunted by a monster that defies logic and reason. Fighting for survival, Eleanor Kraye and her seventeen year-old friends embark on a journey of self discovery that leads to new truths about themselves and the world out there.

They learn that there are such things as monsters, and that the Dark is coming for them.

One of them might also be the Chosen - the person who will bring about the Fall of Humankind.