Tales From Fog World by Erick Mertz

Tales from fog world
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A world held in shackles, bound by a mysterious fog.

A place where the practice of magic has been forbidden.

Something old is stirring. A mysterious force that threatens to upset a balance older than anyone can remember.

For nearly one thousand years, magic and its practitioners have been outlawed. They have been banished to the fringe by an increasingly corrupt and insolvent royal decree. When the criminals outlaw magic, sorcerers become outlaws.

The center cannot hold though. Every day now, the whispers about change grow louder.

"Tales From Fog World" is a prequel collection for the brand new, epic fantasy series, Fog World. These five short novellas reveal a world hanging on the brink, teetering on the edge of catastrophic changes.


"A Clash Of Promises"

Keeping the tribute takers happy is Lukka's responsibility, but when the annual catch comes up short, he is forced to weigh the needs of his people against their royal obligations. Pushed by a group of local thugs, Lukka is forced into a dangerous journey where he confronts The Frozen Fleet, a group of haunted ships looming on the opens seas.

"The Whisperer"

Ettray lives alone, high up in the Kalldoon Mountains, taming and training wild wolves for battle. When one of his prize beasts senses something strange in a terrible winter storm, he is forced to hunt it down. But what he finds is something more dangerous than any monster.

"The Seventh Dawn of Koryak"

The sacred green smoke has appeared in the sky over the Everwood again.

At dawn in seven days, the Guardians of Eonnantha will appear to induct a young man into their sacred, mysterious ranks. Will they come for Darva's son? As one of Koryak's many widows, she tensely awaits their arrival, hoping that when a name is called, it's someone other than him.

"In Darkness, Waiting"

As a traveling sorcerer, working outside the law, Suliko knows that keeping a low profileis necessary for staying alive. When she stumbles onto a long forgotten mountain prison, Suliko discovers the long buried keys to an ancient form of magic, one that may help restore balance to the realm.

If only she can stay alive long enough to bring it back to the surface.

"The Shim-Shom Traveling Minstrel Show"

As the head of the guard in Dorravail, Koyah often finds himself caught between doing what is right and doing what is legal. When the operators of a traveling minstrel show are accused of peddling magic, he is forced to decide which of his loyalties matter most.

If you like The Wheel of Time, you'll love the excitement and intrigue of Fog World. Dive into the first book of the series today.