The Hound’s Prey by S.M.Allan

Book Cover: The Hound's Prey by S.M.Allan

The Revolution is here. Devoted champions will fight for it, leading the way for the bloody revolt. The wealthy rulers of the land will fight against it, trying to prevent the outbreak of a devastating war. The would-be masters of the Revolution will try to steer it towards their own secret agenda.

The established world order is under threat. The Revolution will decide the fate of millions.

Book 1 - The Hound’s Prey

A young thief travels the wilds, lost, desperate and hunted. After stumbling into a mysterious archer and a banished monk, they are all forced to run for their lives. With a town on fire behind them and a haunted forest all around, they must keep moving or risk the Hounds catching up.

Elsewhere, the leader of a powerful religious order must fight off an unprovoked assault on his fortress monastery. War has come to the Tutelars and their secrets are not safe.

Hundreds of years earlier,a detachment of soldiers finds a naked and freezing woman in the middle of a forest. She has no memory and a hunger that is unquenchable. Neither food or warmth makes her feel better, nothing seems to work, until she starts killing people.

The Revolution will draw them all together, to decide the destiny of the past, present and future.