Thorns of Chaos by Jeremiah Cain

Thorns of chaos by Jeremiah Cain
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A Queer Dark Epic Fantasy

“Cain crafts a vivid world ... rich with detail and myth-lore that traipses brightly through the darker themes.” —BookLife Reviews

“This is a wonderfully written novel, a tear jerker and page turner. I highly recommend “Thorns of Chaos.”” —Queer Sci Fi

When Finn, a twenty-five-year-old fisherman living in a Celtic-like village, is caught in the arms of another man by occupying soldiers of a twisted church, his life is forever changed. Suddenly framed for murder, he must flee his village or face death. But the Dayigan soldiers have more than Finn in their sights—they intend to annihilate the entire Feah lands, believing them all to be wicked.

Finn is thrust into a world of darkness and chaos as he embarks on a quest to find a relic forged by dark faeries that can protect his people. Along the way, he meets the handsome but fierce head of the chaos sorcerers and discovers a power he never knew he could possess.

Will Finn be able to harness the perilous magic to save his people without losing himself in the process? Or will he succumb to the darkness and brutality of this chaos-filled world? The fate of the Feah lands lies in Finn’s hands.