Underworld Rising by Jane Frkovich

Underworld rising by Jane Frkovich
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When Zoe stood on the edge of a volcano and chose between two loves, one a god and one a man, she may have sealed the fate of the earth. And the earth is in trouble

The Lost Gods story continues with Underworld Rising. Earth’s climate is under attack because of Hephaestus’ curse. On top of that, the world is on the verge of war with the Underworld because the goddess Hera has stirred up the ancient hatred between Cyclopes and humans. Hera will stop at nothing, even the destruction of the earth’s people, to destroy Zoe, the daughter of the woman who stole Zeus’s heart. It may all come down to the choices Zoe makes with her own heart. She has an important destiny and it will determine the fate of the world.

A high stakes love triangle, Underworld Rising is Book Two in the Lost Gods Series. Those who start the series with this title have the opportunity to go back for the whole story by reading the first in the series, Goddess of Rain.