Viking Mania by Robert Peterson

Viking mania

Tales of the Vikings from sagas, oral tradition and mythology from the rich culture of the Norse. Among the many heroic deeds by the Kings and Queens of the Viking age we hear of Ragnar Lothbrok and his famous sons whose stories echo through the ages. But not all stories are about blood and iron; indeed the question of destiny and its implications are eternal among both mortals and the Gods -those who consult seers often wish they hadn't for fate cannot be cheated. Yet both the Gods and humans try to influence events sometimes successfully; other times ending in disaster. No matter what your station in life be it a God or mortal your fate always hangs in the balance for humiliation is just as likely as victory no matter if you are you are a farmer working in your field or a warrior standing within the shield wall. This is a sample of the many varied tales that have come down to us from imagination and ancient sources.