Witches, Knaves & Fairy Graves by Ron Randall

Witches, knaves and fairy graves

Ever wake up floating above the fiercest lord in all of Faerie, bodiless, as he is being commanded to kill you? Kind of puts a damper on things—especially when you don’t know where the hell your body went.

Getting through a day without being attacked by Fairy assassins, mages or demons was becoming a rarity for Dalton Graham. Today was no exception. Ever since he had faced down the youngest scion of House Temil, using magical powers he never knew he possessed, things had gone from bad to worse.
His college crush’s younger sister, Kitzu, had been abducted by a mysterious Fairy sorcerer, and Umi couldn’t accompany Dalt to try and rescue her, since she was now the Guardian of Kyoto, and bound to that place.
The Sensitive whose help he was relying on to discover the identity of the kidnapper, was in a city whose magical adepts were being slaughtered by a creature hell-bent on harvesting their organs. Add in a Filipina siren with powers which were barely under control, a British mage with sticky fingers, and a witch with a demon on her string and you have all the ingredients to make Dalt’s worst day ever.

If you love the worldbuilding of Brandon Sanderson, the passion and intrigue of Sarah Maas, or the action and humor of a Jim Butcher or Kevin Hearne, you are in for a treat. Clear your calendar, slip into your comfy clothes, turn off your phone and revel in the fantasy for a weekend. Immerse yourself in the Magic!