Wolf of the Tesseract by Christopher D. Schmitz

Wolf of the Tesseract by Christopher Schmitz
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College student Claire Jones does not normally jump to wild conclusions about the supernatural. Bigfoot, vampires, and the Loch Ness Monster all seemed to have rational reasons… before it happened. Everything in Claire's life seemed perfectly normal, albeit charmed: an engagement to her high-school sweetheart, friends visiting from college, and an idyllic life in the sleepy northland. All of that changes when she is abducted by a shapeshifting hobo and whisked through a dimensional gate. The stranger claims that nothing is what it seems, and a powerful sorcerer believes she is the key to summoning his dark god. Fleeing the enemy's forces, Claire must choose her path. Will she run from her destiny forever, or can she truly claim the awesome weapons of the mythic Architect King, and end the sorcerer's reign of terror? Failure means he will unleash Sh’logath’s cataclysmic power upon the universe, shattering dimensional barriers, and devouring all reality. It's a good thing she's made a werewolf friend who carries a really big sword.