Bestselling psychological thriller 50% off until 3rd May


Just 99p/99 cents for a limited time on Kindle WHO FOLLOWS intriguing psychological fiction by Diane Dickson When Hannah visits her favourite cafe, little does she know that she is being watched by someone with a strange obsession. And when she is tricked into befriending her stalker, she has no idea what she is […]

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Free crime thriller on kindle until 30th April


FREE crime thriller this week on Kindle MORE THAN EVEN Police detective fiction by George Helman British detectives Shirley Palmer and Dave Mcdonald have suspicions that a drug overdose death in a London apartment is the work of a serial killer. But baffled by the murderer’s motives, under increasing pressure from their superiors and […]

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Free romance to 25th April

Patriot and his Secret Baby by Avery Hawkes Free on Kindle from 2016-04-24 to 2016-04-25 He returned from war, only to fight a new battle for the woman he desires. Lance: Yeah, I’m a trained killer. Years as a Marine in Afghanistan will do that to you. After coming home, I thought my dark […]

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