June 7, 2021

A family saga full of surprises!

Ollie come free blog post

An accident seems to take Ollie’s life away as he suffers a brain injury, but in fact he acquires new powers that are set to turn his life into a new, incredible adventure. Follow Ollie’s story of resilience, strength, and wonder. It will make you laugh and cry! A family saga full of surprises and unexpected turns, told through multidimensional characters.

Ollie Come Free by Timothy Patrick, illustrated by Ujala Shahid

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“… A rewarding page-turner…” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“… A truly original cast of characters…” – Blue Ink Reviews

“… Sensitive… Engaging… Grounded exploration of recovery, resentment, and redemption…” – BookLife Reviews

Ollie Buckmeyer is funny, popular, and lives an idyllic life with his family on one of the last cattle ranches in Southern California. But when he suffers a devastating brain injury, his wonderful world is shattered. Even though he still looks like the same old Ollie, his family mourns as if he had died, his friends don’t know him, and the girl he loves is gone. Everything that matters is taken from him… but something is also given: Ollie has an amazing new talent that might be powerful enough to rebuild his life.

Ollie Come Free is a sweeping family saga that explores love, betrayal, and the resilience of the human spirit. Plots and subplots abound – including a buried treasure that has confounded fortune hunters for 120 years – and are brought to life by a full cast of complex and fascinating characters. As Foreword Clarion says in their five star review, “Ollie Come Free is a meticulous novel about a family forever changed by one unexpected day.”