November 24, 2022

A new exciting conspiracy thriller!


Conspiracy thrillers don’t get more exciting than this. Follow investigative journalist Lois ‘Lobo’ Bolen in an unstoppable drive to expose corruption!

CONSPIRACY: The Secret War by John Keeble

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Investigative journalist Lois ‘Lobo’ Bolen, a working class hero driven to expose corruption and attacks on the people, claws her way into leaked conspiracy documents more incriminating than the Pentagon, Panama and Pandora papers put together.

A small group of superrich trillionaires are tightening their grip on technology, scare resources and political power as they rip apart national and international cohesion with conflict and political upheaval.

Bolen, near retirement but never ready to quit her life’s work, gets her hands on a cache of secret documents revealing the massive scale of the conspiracy and what the trillionaires are planning ahead of their 2030 “endgame.”

As she runs from one Airbnb to another to evade the trillionaires’ killers, her articles reveal the shocking truth about the conspiracy and how whole populations are “sheepwalking” into disaster.

But is it happening now, in the past, or in the future? Is it in her head, the metaverse, or the real world? Lobo confronts it all as hunter and hunted… or as a moth flying into the trillionaires’ flame.