December 6, 2018

Imagine all the machines in the world coming to a halt. This is the ultimate disaster thriller!

Ultimate Error by James D. Tesar

WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE BEST LAID PLANS OF MICE AND MEN GO AWRY? Things take a turn for the worst when a secret project, run by an egotistical, insane government official, goes terribly awry in …

ULTIMATE ERROR by James D. Tesar

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All kinetic machines come to a sizzling halt worldwide, which means no turbines to produce electricity, no combustion engines for the world’s transit system to move people and products… and no food for survival.

The population of Earth begins to die off at an alarming rate while Lucy, her son Ricky and John, a professor, attempt to beat the odds and flee Boston to start life over in the planes of Patagonia.

Will arrogance be the cause of Man’s extinction? Will Lucy, Ricky and John make it half way around the world as starvation and mayhem ensues?

Whether prepper, conspiracy theorist, survivalist or simply a book lover, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this unique glimpse into one way things on planet Earth could transpire from Man’s constant mingling with Mother Nature. Is this the ultimate error that tips the scales too far? Buy and read Ultimate Error and find out.

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