July 22, 2019

Heartbreak doesn’t mean you can’t love again

Only between us by Mila Ferrera

The end of a relationship can be heartbreaking and put you off falling in love ever again. Romy thought as much, until she enrolled in the arts class that would change her mind. Against her best intentions and biggest fears, Romy lets her defences down for Caleb, an art teacher with a colourful past and uncertain future. Find out what happens!

Only Between Us (Starving Artists Book 1) by Sarah Fine as Mila Ferrera

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Will she break all her rules to touch him?

Last year, I was taken apart piece by piece — that relationship nearly broke me. Now, I’m determined to focus on myself and heal.

Painting has always been my bliss. I figured I’d take a class at the artists’ co-op, polish my technique, and find some peace.

I never expected Caleb. My painting instructor is the hottest guy I’d ever seen, hands down. I’m ready to break all my rules to feel his hands on my body. And he actually seems like a nice guy …

But his art tells a different story.

His paintings reveal a darkness so deep that I’m fascinated. And terrified. There are secrets and pain in every brushstroke. All the things he can’t say. All the things he’s desperate to hide.

All the reasons I should walk (and maybe run) away.

The last thing I need is a replay of what happened last year, but maybe I’m like a moth to a flame.

Either I’m going to find the light in all that darkness … or I’m going to get burned.

A sexy and emotional standalone romance with HEA.