March 5, 2022

Fantasy, adventure, and power struggles in a compelling saga!

Spiral of my destiny

New alliances are formed, old ones broken, and the future remains an unknown in this great fantasy saga. If you like suspense, adventure and massive power struggles in your fiction, you’ll enjoy this!

The Spiral of My Destiny (The Rosteval Saga Book 2) by Michael R. Schultheiss

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An enemy god ascends…
Ancient immortals scheme…
Who can they trust?

Rosteval faces a new peril: an old rival has unleashed an ancient immortal, a being who is now ascending to godhood.

With his beloved Ghaitta, Rosteval seeks a way to defeat the waxing power of this new adversary… but Ghaitta’s own gifts have put her at risk.

A vanquished foe offers a questionable alliance, and a connection with otherworldly beings who may be able to help… but at what price?

As dangers mount from every quarter, can Rosteval and Ghaitta master a conflict in which they are pawns?

Dangerous foes, revelations from the past, questionable allies, intrigue, suspense, and passion all abound in The Spiral of My Destiny, sequel to The Altar of My Fate.