TAMED: A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance (Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors Book 1) by Tana Stone

When LA socialite, Mandy, is suddenly snatched from Earth by a race of alien warriors and told that she must marry Dorn, neither party is particularly happy about the situation. She is not seduced by their technology or the brawny warriors, nor is he impressed with this weak and privileged female. Can they find a way to like each other just a little?

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Tamed by Tana Stone


This essential guide to weight loss is brought to you by touring comedian turned health guru, Tony Hale. You will learn how your body chemistry works and understand the life style changes you may need to make in order to achieve your goals. If you find yourself battling with your weight then why not give it a try!

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Done with being fat by TC Hale

CHILLING EFFECT: A Global Climate Thriller by R.J. Pineiro

William Kiersted, a former climatologist, has been pushed to the edge by the death of his father. He intends to take his revenge on those responsible but his plan involves an attack on the very ecosystem of the planet. Rachel Daly of the CIA is determined to bring down Kiersted. Can she put a stop to his eco-terrorist activity in time?

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Chilling Effect by R.J. Pineiro

SALEM BURNING (The Lives Of Lilly Parris Book 1) by Daniel Sugar

It’s 1692. Kyle Edwards decides to break his engagement with Lily Parris. Rather than make the usual excuses, Kyle accuses Lily of witchcraft! He doesn’t believe in that sort of thing, he is just looking for a convenient way out of the relationship, and so it comes as rather a surprise to find out that Lily is actually a witch after all! 

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Salem Burning by Daniel Sugar

MIDDLE-CLASS MINDSET ESCAPE PLAN: 6 proven steps to break free of faulty beliefs, conquer your fears, and reach financial success by J.D. Gibson

A self help book for those who want to make a positive financial change, those who want to take control and gear themselves up for success in the future. Get the advice you need and achieve the freedom you deserve!

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Middle Class Mindset Escape Plan by J D Gibson

BLIND IN LOVE (The Smith Brothers Book 5) by Brenda Ford

Nelson, an 18 year old high school senior, develops an obsession for his English teacher Miss Clarke who is twice his age. The trouble is, she is not only his teacher but also his neighbor! Miss Clarke is drawn into a relationship with Nelson just weeks before his graduation. They are discovered and Nelson is forced to move away. 4 years on he returns and he still wants her, but does she want him?

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Blind in Love by Brenda Ford

THE WHISTLE by James Owen Sowerby

From the playing fields of Sussex to war torn France, we follow the story of avid football player, Will Davison. Amidst the struggle and chaos of the first world war Will meets, and falls in love with, the beautiful Alice Pevensey. He knows that he must put her before all else. An historical fiction full of emotion portraying the timeless legacy of war.

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The Whistle by James Owen Sowerby

BLURRED LINES: Mafia Menage (Ties That Bind Book 2) by K.L. Ramsey

Her father betrayed the mafia and paid for it with his life. Now Sofia Marino is in their hands and being sold at auction as a ‘virgin mafia princess’. Anton and Luca who attend the auction primarily to gather information about the Marino family, take it upon themselves to bid for her and invite her into their lives.. and into their relationship.

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Blurred Lines by K.L. Ramsey


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