RIDER - Satan's Fury MC-Memphis: Action adventure romance by L. Wilder

Thanks to the support of Satan’s Fury MC, Rider has been able to piece his life back together. Then Darcy turns up at the garage, as stubborn and full of sass as she’d always been…

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NEVER SPEAK: A Psychological Thriller (Ray of Darkness Series Book 1) by John Manchester

When Ray finds out that his ex-wife has died, he reminisces about the years they spent living as part of a spiritual group, sworn to silence. Now, desperate and short of cash, he decides to write a book telling all. But somebody is hell-bent on stopping him…

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Never speak

FINANCIAL LITERACY: The Basic Requirement for Financial Freedom by J.B.Malatji

Outlining simple approaches to personal financial health. The need to improve and sharpen one’s financial skills has never been so relevant!

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Financial Literacy

I AM... : The unsettling truth by T.H. Moore

When a young man loses his life at the hands of a police officer, the community is enraged. Soon after, chaos ensues in the form of vigilante killings from Texas to Washington…

In paperback
I am by TH Moore

TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH by Weston Parker

When looking for a role model for her son, Raeanne decides that the Big Brother Program sounds perfect! But she doesn’t expect to have such an attractive guy assigned and finds it impossible to resist his charms…

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Take it down a notch

THE ARCTIC CIRCLE (Part One): A mythological fantasy folk tale by Ben Stone

Previously obscured by myth and allegory, this is the tale of Saint Nicholas, the North Pole and its inhabitants, a story that, until now, has remained a secret…

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The Arctic Circle


Invaluable self-guided techniques for healing trauma, owning your power & finding overall wellness. Make a positive step towards an improved life balance…

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Chakra Empowerment

ANCIENT FANGS: Birth (Book 1) by Edmund A.M. Batara

Vampires don’t exist – that’s what Jake thought! Until his encounter with a half breed on that fateful night. He will have his mortality back, even if he has to destroy them all!

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Ancient Fangs

ARCANUM ASTRAY: MAGIC IS DISAPPEARING! (Book One of the Summus Magister Series) by Edmund A.M. Batara

Professor Lucius K. Henry, magical detective extraordinaire, lives in a world of flying carpets, deadly enigmas and demons. But something is terribly wrong… the magic is disappearing!

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Arcanum Astray

THE ACCIDENTAL ARCHMAGE: Ragnarok Rising (The Accidental Archmage Series 1) by Edmund A.M. Batara

Finding himself in another world, one of mythological beings and lost civilizations, Tyler West stars in an epic fantasy of magic, monsters and mayhem…

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The accidental archmage


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