A FLICKER IN THE NIGHT: Detectives hunt a serial killer who plays with fire by John Dean

Book 7 in the Detective John Blizzard series features a spate of fatal arson attacks. For Blizzard, it brings back terrible memories of serial killer Reginald Morris. Could this be a copycat? With rising pressure from the local community and the media, Blizzard must find answers… and fast!

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A flicker in the night by John Dean

CAT'S QUEST BOOK 1: A LitRPG series by Roman Prokofiev

Oleg was once a professional game player, and having fallen into debt he decides to enter a new game to find an income. He attracts unwanted attention when he discovers a mysterious magic sword and starts up a war, a war that was engineered by the game developers who are long gone. Can he meet the challenge?

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Cat's quest

DRAWER #7 by Jeff Wade

Freddie meets the woman of his dreams. She is beautiful, eccentric and fascinating, but she is also an amnesiac who cannot remember a thing about her past, not even her own name. Every attempt to find answers leads to another sinister question. How far will Freddie go to protect her? 

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Drawer #7 by Jeff Wade

BECOMING THE DRAGON: A Fantasy Saga (The Dragon Inside Book 1) by Alex Sapegin

Andy is teleported to a faraway planet and is fatally wounded. In order to survive he must undergo an ancient ritual and is reborn as a dragon! It takes him a while to master his new skills, but once equipped he sets off on a quest for justice.

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Becoming the Dragon by Alex Sapegin


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