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A rags to riches Historical Romance on Kindle now!

Victorian Romance by Regina James

Can love cross the class divide? Could a lowly servant girl become a Duchess? From Maid to Duchess: A Fairytale Retelling – Historical Romance by Regina James Just $0.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited Amazon US: Amazon UK: Lady Evelyn’s life changed when her mother died and her step-mother Lady Cecilia entered her […]

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HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS: Decide at last to turn your life into a masterpiece by Raphaël Savoy

Happiness and success by Raphael Savoy

Only $0.99 on Kindle. Amazon US: Amazon UK: How do successful people do it? How do they always live life to the fullest, despite numerous obstacles? What do they have that people who fail don’t? Are there secrets to their success? Methods that work? You strive for a better, easier, and happier life. […]

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