Kindle fiction

Aphrodisiacs, poachers, greed, murder.

Deadly game Blog Post

Are you ready to travel across the globe to unravel the deceipt, lies, greed and cultural misconceptions that plague the beautiful land of Africa? Check out this intriguing mystery! Tragedy strikes at a double wedding when both grooms are found dead by morning. Having ingested ground-up Rhino horn as an aphrodisiac on the night of […]

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Martial arts, adventure, revenge. A brand new LitRPG series!

Dragon Heart

Martial arts, adventure, revenge. A brand new LitRPG series you’re bound to get hooked on! Find out what an uncompromising hero with the heart of a dragon does, when faced with the wrath of both demons and gods. Dragon Heart: Stone Will. LitRPG wuxia series: Book 1 by Kirill Klevanski $3.99 on Kindle! US: UK: […]

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All about the family!

The Friessens

Family, it’s all about the family. How many times do we wonder whether family makes life easier or just add troubles to it? Meet The Friessens. They are a large family, and they stand by one another, but there’s not one member whose life is simple! And when you look into their stories, you’ll see […]

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