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Books that bite, FREE and discounted on Kindle now!

Books that bite FREE and discounted on Kindle now!

Paranormal thrillers, vampire stories, science fiction and more. Plus, new mysteries to solve this week, romance blossoming where it’s most forbidden, and advice on spiritual health. Lots of these great books are completely FREE! Grab these bargains now! “Don’t think about sharks when you are walking on water.” – Matshona Dhliwayo *Please check these deals […]

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Immerse yourself in new atmospheres with these FREE and bargain Kindle books!

It’s all about the scene, the atmosphere, the setting. Your reading experiences can take you as far away as you are prepared to go. This week, no less than five mysteries transport you to strange and wonderful locations. Or, if you prefer, travel in time, with alternative histories and imaginative dystopias. Plus great romance and […]

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Free your mind with these FREE and bargain Kindle books

Free and Discounted Kindle Books April 04

Whether trapped in past memories or riddled with regrets, we all long to break free of our chains, even those of the mind. Suspense, mystery and wonder abound this week. But if fantasy is your preferred escape route, follow a prince and princess on their magical journey, or an epic saga of regeneration. And if […]

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Make space on your Kindle for these great FREE and discount Kindle books!

Free Kindle books

Dystopian cyberpunk, fantasy and science fiction, young adults embarking on adventures, couples rekindling their love, questioning trust, suspense, crime, darkness, and advice where you most needed, at work and in communications. Get these great books FREE or discounted and fill up your Kindle now! “Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do […]

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Broken trust and plenty of sensual love in this emotional romance!

Kat & Maus Blog

A husband comes across his wife’s journals, discovers unknown sexual fantasies, and begins to doubt her loyalty. The doubt is eating away at him, until he finds a way to test her. But the trap backfires! Kat & Maus by Brad Chisholm and Claire Kim On Kindle now! Amazon US: Amazon UK: A […]

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