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All about the family!

The Friessens

Family, it’s all about the family. How many times do we wonder whether family makes life easier or just add troubles to it? Meet The Friessens. They are a large family, and they stand by one another, but there’s not one member whose life is simple! And when you look into their stories, you’ll see […]

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The essence of life at its margins

Roads to meaning

After years of dispensing diagnoses to his patients, a family doctor finds himself hit by the illness that takes your breath away, the one that can’t be cured. This book is his story and that of thirty-nine of his patients facing the same disease, people finding themselves at the margins: of existence, of society, of […]

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A portrait of the truth

The girl who loved Caravaggio by Belle Ami

Caravaggio’s secrets are revealed in an art historian’s quest to recover his masterpiece. Caravaggio: everyone loves his art, few know his secrets. An art historian with a special gift discovers the truth of his dark heart. Now, she is in danger! This suspenseful thriller will draw you into the dark light of the greatest artist […]

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