Humor and Satire Genre

Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone; For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth, But has trouble enough of its own.

Jomar in space by Jon Torres
$0.99 until October 07
A dad joke a day by Daddilife books
A Dad Joke A Day by Daddilife
A knock knock joke a day
A Knock Knock Joke A Day by Daddilife Books
A little light chaos
A Little Light Chaos by Nicholas Blue
At large by Rex Bromfield
At Large: could happen by Rex Bromfield
Atlanta Fish Fry by AJ Joiner
Atlanta Fish Fry by Anthony AJ Joiner
Beast be gone
Beast Be Gone by A.L. Billington
bell hammers
Bell Hammers by Lancelot Schaubert
Bipolar Man
Bipolar Man! Comedic Adventures by Darren DeSmeaux
Cat killed a rat 2
Cat Killed A Rat by R. Welling & E. Lynn
Corfu capers
Corfu Capers by Joy Skye
Death on the danube
Death on the Danube by Jennifer S. Alderson
Desire for love
Desire for Love by Massimo Parlermo
Ebenezer Jenkins Christmas in Chicago by Charles Harvey
Ebenezer Jenkins' Christmas in Chicago by C. Harvey
Fake history
Fake History by Michael Yu
Find happiness through negative thinking
Find Happiness Through Negative Thinking by Larry Gotterer
For the soul
For the Soul by Barbara Daniels Dena
Book Cover: Freedom from Bosses Forever by Tony Robinson OBE
Freedom from Bosses Forever by Tony Robinson OBE
Funtastic! 507 Fantastic Fun Facts by Zach Olson
Grandpas nurse
Grandpa's NURSE by Silver Vixen
Great quotes for gardeners by Craig Hlas
Great quotes for gardeners by Craig Hlas
Heated by JC Gardner
Heated by J.C. Gardner
Hopeless: A tragicomedy by Diane M Dickson
I was Justin's Nanny by David Belisle
I Was Justin's Nanny by David Belisle
Idiots at large
Idiots at Large: a Danny Mac novel by Nicholas Blue
In the future this will not be necessary
In the future this will not be necessary by Paul Samael
Last chance california
Last Chance California by Brian Price
Leashed by Zoe Dawson
Looks good on paper
Looks Good on Paper: Romantic comedy by Kilby Blades
Love you wrong
Love You Wrong by Julia Kent
Lowcountry boil
Lowcountry Boil M Boyer
Managed Care by Joe Barrett
Managed Care by Joe Barrett
Mart of darkness
Mart of Darkness by Phil Granchi
Murder at the bingo hall
Murder at the Bingo Hall by Linda Pohl
Murphy's luck by Benjamin Laskin
Murphy’s Luck by Benjamin Laskin
Nailed by Tara Wyatt
Nailed by Tara Wyatt
No good deed by Nicolas Blue
No Good Deed by Nicholas Blue
Not in all my
Not In All My... by KL Bedwell
Nothing but a dare
Nothing But a Dare by Molly O'Hare
Off Schedule
Off Schedule by Andrea Buck
OOF by S. Witherspoon
adventure trivia
Outdoor Adventures Trivia by Angel Connor
Pianist in a bordello
Pianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson
Scenarios by Chris Longo
scenarios: A humorous spy thriller by Chris Longo
Sipping wine and fishing for bodies by Peyton Stone
Sipping Wine & Fishing for Bodies by Peyton Stone
Six: A tall titillating tale by Ron Weinkauf
Snowed in with grumpy
Snowed in with Grumpy by Olivia Noble
Soul for dinner
Soul for Dinner? E.D. Robson
Spectators of war by Luke Swanson
Spectators of War by Luke Swanson
St patrick's day jokes by The book Jokers
St. Patrick's Jokes Book for Kids by The Book Jokers
Teacher tattletales
Teacher Tattletales by Lee St John
Tessa's heart by Jackie Lewis
Tessa’s Heart by Jackie Lewis
The cat behind the curtain by Peter Scottsdale
The Cat Behind The Curtain by Peter Scottsdale
The day Bailey Devlin
The Day Bailey Devlin's Horoscope Came True by R Forster
THE EYE (The Meaning of Fruth Book 1) by Hari Manev
THE EYE by Hari Manev
the farting gnome
The Farting Gnome by Grampy Greg
The fine owl solution
The Fine Owl Solution by C. Ryan Carlson
The intergalactic space buggy
The Intergalactic Space-buggy Diary by Jimmy Solo
The man who voted for Trump
The Man Who Voted for Trump by Gilligan Malden
The meeting point
The Meeting Point by Olivia Lara
The missing American By Julie Highmore
The Missing American by Julie Highmore
The mousse wonderful time of the year
The Mousse Wonderful Time of Year by H.Y. Hanna
The mystery of the lucky cat by Christine McHaines
The Mystery of the Lucky Cat by Christine McHaines
Book Cover: The Plainview Lottery by Markas Dvaras
The Plainview Lottery by Markas Dvaras
The race by john russo
The Race: A humorous story by John Russo
The runaway husband by Julie Highmore
The Runaway Husband by Julie Highmore
The spiritual misadventures of dave the rave
The Spiritual Misadventures of Dave the Rave by D. Swan
Book Cover: THE WIFE'S BOYFRIEND by Robert McCracken
THE WIFE'S BOYFRIEND by Robert McCracken
Time Is Irreverent 2 Jesus Christ, Not Again! by Marty Essen
Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again! by Marty Essen
Toot toot by VA Smith
Toot! Toot! by VA Smith
Book Cover: Wanna-be's by Mark Connelly
Wanna-be's by Mark Connelly
War 19 Biden
War 19 Biden vs. China by J. Alton Beauchamp
War 19 Trump
War 19 Trump vs. China J. Alton Beauchamp
We must save Jepson by Mark Petersen
We Must Save Jepson! A novella by Mark Petersen
Who's killing all my old girlfriends
Who's Killing All My Old Girlfriends by Jon Spoelstra
Wolf harvest
Wolf Harvest by J.S. Michael
Would you rather
Would You Rather Game Book by Fluffels House