Paranormal and supernatural Genre


2nd Sight by Ben Sharpton
2nd Sight: Capturing Insight by Ben A. Sharpton
A conjuring of ravens by Azalea Ellis
A Conjuring of Ravens by Azalea Ellis
A wild and whispering curse by Sarah Dalton
A Wild and Whispering Curse by Sarah Dalton
Arcane gateway
Arcane Gateway: A Paranormal Fantasy Saga by CL Carhart
Bedeviled by Victoria Evers
Bedeviled: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Victoria Evers
Beguiled Persuasion
Beguiled Persuasion by K. Reagan Zell
Chateau rouge
Bienvenue to the Chateau Rouge by Multiple authors
Biting the veteran
Biting the Veteran by Lilly Rayman
Black water
Black Water by Ninie Hammon
Bonding weekend by David raven
Bonding Weekend: Urban fantasy by David Raven
Born to die
Born To Die: Epic horror fiction by Sawyer Black
Codename poltergeist
Codename Poltergeist: Some call him a ghost by William Joel
Covet the night
Covet the Night by Rebecca Main
Dark tales from dreamdale
Dark Tales from Dreamdale by Jeremy Robertson
Dead of winter
Dead of Winter by Antoinette McCormick
Diabolique: A Sibyl Novella by Marlene Pardo Pellicer
Emily's list
Emily's List by Sean Platt & David W Wright
Eternal: Micah's Mate by Tianna Xander
Evangelina: A Reel Novel by Tammy Gross
Every trick in the spell book by Emory Keller
Every Trick in the Spellbook by Emory Keller
Exterminating angel
Exterminating Angel by Pamela Turner
Fallen desire
Fallen Desire by Alex Stargazer
Finding angel
Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach
Book Cover: Fractured Destiny (A Reclaimed Power Book 1) by MR Star
Fractured Destiny (A Reclaimed Power Book 1) by MR Star
Genesis acadeny by Barbara Hartzler
Genesis Academy: The Seer's Legacy by Barbara Hartzler
Getting gold
Getting Gold by Xavier Neal
Ghost stories
Ghostly Howls by Stephanie Hansen
Ghostly Howls by Stephanie Hansen
Gingerbread men
Gingerbread Men and Toad’s Wart by D. Kamin
Hand of retribution
Hand of Retribution by KL Bedwell
Heir of shadows
Heir of Shadows by Kel Carpenter
Heretic The Life of A Witch Hunter by Clifford Beck
Heretic by Clifford Beck
I am not alone in here by Jeffrey McClain Jones
I Am Not Alone In Here by Jeffrey McClain Jones
Johnny Lycan & the anubis disk
Johnny Lycan & the Anubis Disk by Wayne Turmel
Keep on asking new cover by Jeffrey McClain Jones
Keep on Asking: A Supernatural Christian Novel by Jeffrey McClain Jones
Killer Kitteh Khristmas
Killer Kitteh Khristmas by Sian B. Claven
Loftus by Helena B Scott
loftus: The Hall of Dreams by Helena B Scott
Magical makeover by Brenda Trim
Magical Makeover by Brenda Trim
Mortal Curse
Mortal Curse by Tia Didmon
Party, potions and peril
Party, Potions & Peril by Beverly A Rearick
Polar bear express
Polar Bear Express by Tianna Xander
Rain by C.K. Leger
Risky bisqueness
Risky Bisqueness by Elizabeth Rain
Run dont think
Run Don't Think by C.C. Bolick
Secrets of the mermaid
Secrets of the Mermaid by Catherine Stine
Secrets of the moon by Kristy Centeno
Secrets of the Moon: Paranormal romance by Kristy Centeno
Shivers down my spine by Kenni Silas
Shivers Down My Spine: A psychological thriller by Kenni Silas
Sin on a dark knight
Sin on a Dark Knight by Rhiannon Futch
Skadegemutc: Ghost Witch by Isabella Steel 
Soul for dinner
Soul for Dinner? E.D. Robson
Spirit Talker
Spirit Talker (The Seers Book 1) by Theresa Dale
Tale of a body thief
Tale of a Body Thief by Kristy Centeno 
Tessa's heart by Jackie Lewis
Tessa’s Heart by Jackie Lewis
the agency
The Agency: Complete Series by C. C. Bolick
The boogie man
The Boogie Man: Paranormal humor by Fiona Chalmers
The cabinet of curiosities by Patti Petrone Miller
The Cabinet of Curiosities by Patti Petrone Miller
The Coupling
The Coupling by M. J. Fitzmaurice
The darkest gift
THE DARKEST GIFT by Len Handeland
The hauntings of old liberty high
The Hauntings of Old Liberty High by Dalton Lewis
The hyena's stare by sandra clark
The Hyena's Stare: Urban Fantasy by Sandra Clark
The Interior people
The Interior People by Thomas Heffernan
The Jabberwock by Ninie Hammon
The journeys of john and julia
The Journeys of John and Julia by Aurelia
The muse by MK Schultz
The Muse: Occult horror fiction by MK Schultz
The stars forgot us
The Stars Forgot Us by RJ Garcia
The truth about gretchen
The Truth About Gretchen by Alretha Thomas
The unveiling
The Unveiling by Laurie Harrison
The wonkiest witch
The Wonkiest Witch by Jeannie Wycherley
Tilted scales
Tilted Scales: Inhuman Trafficking by Julian Kindred
Travelers by Brett Riley
travelers: A Freaks Novel by Brett Riley
Undead by Kerry Adrienne & L.A. Boruff
Undertakers Inc
Undertakers Inc. by JC. Compton
When pigs fly
When Pigs Fly by David Swan
White Crow by Judson Emens
WHITE CROW by Judson Emens
Who is anna stenberg by Tracy norman
Who is Anna Stenberg? by Tracey Norman
Witherpools by Jason Durant
Wolf harvest
Wolf Harvest by J.S. Michael