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Riveting books packed with action for all the explorers and adventurers out there. Whether you like Robert Louis Stevenson or Dan Brown, you’ll find your perfect adventure book on amazon Kindle right now!

The serpent's lair by riall nolan
$0.99 until December 07
Inception by KJ Gillenwater
$0.99 until June 15
A corruption of guilded ashes by Jessica Cage
A Corruption of Gilded Ashes by Jessica Cage
A drop of ink obsidian by Kish Knight
A Drop of Ink and Obsidian: Dark fantasy by Kish Knight
A Hole in the universe
A Hole in the Universe by J. H. Wear
A life outside the box by Robert French
A Life Outside The Box: Lions, Pythons & Bears! by Robert French
A little light chaos
A Little Light Chaos by Nicholas Blue
The most unusual friday knight
A Most Unusual Friday Knight by Alan Frost
A nomad in spellbinding
A Nomad in Spellbinding Southeast Asia by Jess Caleb
A wound in the earth
A Wound in the Earth by Jason Durant
Adventures On The Can Do Trail by Jothy Rosenberg
Adventures On The Can Do Trail by Jothy Rosenberg
all the kings soldiers
All the King's Soldiers by John Anthony Miller
Allie's slimy Christmas adventure
Allie's Slimy Christmas Adventure by S & A James
Apocalypse earth by JT Skye
Apocalypse Earth: Alien Siege by JT Skye
Azazel by Linwood Jackson Jr
Azazel: The Search for Life After Death by Linwood Jackson Jr
Battle Born by JT Skye
Battle Born: Peebo Lim by JT Skye
Battleworld by Kerrick Patterson
Battleworld by Kerrick Patterson
Beach surprise by Brenda DeHaan
Beach Surprise by Brenda DeHaan
Behind the open door
Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light by Sally Gallot-Reeves
Billy plays pirate
Billy Plays Pirate by Steve Williamson
Black dog of the sea
Black Dog of the Sea by Natasha Ruhwald
Blaze in, blaze out by Joseph lewis
Blaze In, Blaze Out by Joseph Lewis
Bombay Blood 1 by Loyal Carvalho
Bombay Blood 1 by Loyal Carvalho
Brave by Chelsi Arnold
Brock Steele: Sphere by Alex Bloodfire
Carolina Dance by Alex Cage
Carolina Dance by Alex Cage
Chronicles of a space cadet
Chronicles of A Space Cadet by Jon Torres
Codename poltergeist
Codename Poltergeist: Some call him a ghost by William Joel
Colors running by Robert A. Minor
Colors Running by Robert A. Minor
Constellation by JT Skye
Constellation: Battle at the Rimim by JT Skye
Curves and magic
Curves & Magic by multiple authors
Death by Design
Death By Design by John Graves
Desert Plains By Andrew Gordon
Desert Plains: A New Frontier by Andrew Gordon
Division by Brad Norris
Division by Brad Norris
Endangered species
Endangered Species by Nate Littlefield
Everything to gain
Everything to Gain by Michele Venne
Exiles world
Exiles' World by Robert I. Katz
Family Royale by Avery Blake
Family Royale by Avery Blake
Find Her by Charles Welch
Find(H)er by Charles Welch
Finding lost hearts
Finding Lost Hearts by Andrew Miller
Frontier justice by Michael cardwell
Frontier Justice: A Coogan Mystery by Michael Cardwell
Frostwing by Morgan lee clasper
frostwing: Dragonbond by Morgan Lee Clasper
Harley James
Harley James & the Mystery of the Mayan Kings by Leah Cupps
Harley james and the peril of the pirates curse
Harley James & the Peril of the Pirate's Curse by Leah Cupps
Harley James and the secret of the falcon queen
Harley James and the Secret of the Falcon Queen by Leah Cupps
Holy smoke
Holy Smoke: Trapped by Hellfire by Russell Brandon
Hostile Contact by Nick Snape
Hostile Contact by Nick Snape
Ice Crown by KL Moody
Ice Crown by Kay L. Moody
Jack Mathias
Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits by GM Savage
Jaguar dreams by Susan MacBryde
Jaguar Dreams: Political fiction by Susan MacBryde
Kiss da wolf
Kiss da Wolf: A Novel by Jason Durant
Life has other plans by A Gavazzoni
Life Has Other Plans by A Gavazzoni
Like Feathers of a Wing by Diane Olsen
Like Feathers of a Wing by Diane Olsen
limited truth
Limited Truth by Kay Bennson
Mage's mountain
Mage's Mountain by Steve Peek
Marked by Joshua Hedges
Marked: The Child Doomed by Prophecy by Joshua Hedges
Miss A and johnny's European Escapade
Miss. A and Johnny's European Escapade LONDON by S. Vixen
Mythion by Jason Davis
necropolis: YA fiction by Bethan Evans
Ned bear by AB Roveen
Ned Bear and The Dirty Whisker Curse by AB Roveen
Nuclear Revenge by JT Skye
Nuclear Revenge by JT Skye
Oblivion's cloak by Dylan McFadyen
Oblivion's Cloak by Dylan McFadyen
Of flames and embers
Of Flames & Embers by I.R.
One Beats the Bush by Riall Nolan
One Beats the Bush by Riall Nolan
Ragnarok Rising by Edmund A M Batara
Ragnarok Rising by Edmund A.M. Batara
Count of toulouse
Ramon Pons - Count of Toulouse by Michael Ponzio
Redemption by Ed Benjamin
Book Cover: Return to Alkademah: Alkademah Book 2 by GK Chandler
Return to Alkademah: Alkademah Book 2 by GK Chandler
Ice and bone
Rising Wind: Ice and Bone by Diane Olsen
Sea change
Sea Change by Nate Littlefield
Search & destroy
Search and Destroy: An adventure thriller by FC Shriver
Silk unspun by DS Blake
Silk Unspun (Exopreneurs Book 1) by DS Blake
Skybound: Science fiction by Lou Iovino
Soldiers and Marines The Complete Trilogy by Martin Archer
Soldiers and Marines Saga by Martin Archer
Spirit sight
Spirit Sight by Ross Hightower
Starboard Eight
Stirring Embers
Stirring Embers by W. Killian and L. Starker
The sword of betrayal by Robert Evert
Sword of Betrayal by Robert Evert
Tarak by Sage Patel
Tarak - Blood Dictates All by Sage Patel
Team avenging angel
TEAM AVENGING ANGEL by Charles S. Isaacs
The adventures of jumping jonny by Jon Melby
The Adventures of Jumping Jonny by Jon Melby
The adventures of pete the squirrel by Richard Oshen
Alter of my fate
The Altar of My Fate by Michael R. Schultheiss
The amazing adventures of MouMou by Sara Momtaz
The Amazing Adventures of MouMou by Sara Momtaz
The Amporphan Effect by K. E. Brungardt
The Amorphan Effect by KE Brungardt
The book thieves
The Book of Thieves and the Joker's Game by S. Friesen
The Brilliant Mirage: A Novel by Nadija Mujagic
The Brilliant Mirage: A Novel by Nadija Mujagic
The captain
The Captain by Jamy Bechler
morgan fox adventures by jt skye
The Complete Morgan Fox Adventures by JT Skye
The Elfkin Journals Blending Of The Races by JDeVereS
The Elfkin Journals: Blending Of The Races by JDeVereS
The hunted
The Hunted by Robert G. Schweiner
The living legend
The Living Legend by Dan E Hendrickson
The manling by Tony Deen Yetter
The Manling by Tony Deen Yetter
The mars migration by Wayne M Bailey
The Mars Migration by Wayne M Bailey
Glowing locket by Liam Moiser
The Mystery of the Glowing Locket by Liam Moiser
The navigator
The Navigator by PM Johnson
The new lizard queen
The New Lizard Queen by Mark Even
The Pox Academy by Warren Mead
The Pox Academy by Warren Mead
The prince is missing
The Prince is Missing! by AP Rawls
The redemption of jarek
The Redemption of Jarek by Dylan Madeley
The Rusted Lantern by Bill Patterson
The Rusted Lantern by Bill Patterson
The sailing snailor
The Sailing Snailor by K. Michelle Edge
The seam of eternity by Rocco Levitas
The Seam of Eternity by Rocco Levitas
The sword empire
The Secret of Azuron by J.R. Kearney
The son of light
The Son of Light Book 1: Rebirth by Chris Parker
The spiral of my destiny
The Spiral of My Destiny by Michael R. Schultheiss
The stone messiah
The Stone Messiah Vol I: Historical fiction by Anonymous IV
The strider and the regulus
The Strider and the Regulus by Tricia D Wagner
The tanner trilogy
The Tanner Trilogy Boxed Set by Michele Venne
The test pilots wife
The Test Pilot's Wife by Mark Wayne McGinnis
The trust casefiles
The Trust Casefiles by Lee Cushing
The weave of fate
The Weave of Fate by SL Matthews
The well of shadows
The Well of Shadows by Sabrina Blaum
The wizard slayer by Franklin Roberts
The Wizard Slayer by Franklin Roberts
They came by night by Andrew Bathgate
They came by night by Andrew Bathgate
Thorns of chaos by Jeremiah Cain
Thorns of Chaos by Jeremiah Cain
Total Departure
Total Departure by Andrew Reeves
Turtle crossing by Malve von Hassell
Turtle Crossing by Malve von Hassell
Underworld rising by Jane Frkovich
Underworld Rising by Jane Frkovich
Unloved, a love story by Katy Regnery
Vagabond by Tim Rangnow
Vagabond by Tim Rangnow
Warrior creed by JT Skye
Warrior Creed: Win the day... or die by JT Skye
Warrior Elite by JT Skye
Warrior Elite: Tor Benet - Sci Fi Military Space Opera by JT Skye
Warrior series by JT Skye
Warrior Series Omnibus: Books 1 - 3 by JT Skye
Book Cover: Where Are The Fish? Children's fiction by Andrew J Lepine
Where Are The Fish? Children's fiction by Andrew J Lepine
With tooth and nail by Riall Nolan
With Tooth and Nail by Riall Nolan
World of Sync
World Of Sync, Vol. 1 by Trenton Hall