Science Fiction and Dystopia Genre

You are heading into the future. But is it going to be better or worse than the present? You decide. Or do you?

Inception by KJ Gillenwater
$0.99 until June 15
Unbound by DJ Baldwin
$0.99 until November 29
Blaze of spirits and dreams by DL Howard
A Blaze of Spirit and Dreams by DL Howard
A dance with blood and destiny by KRS MCEntire
A Dance of Blood And Destiny by KRS McEntire
A game of broken minds
A Game of Broken Minds by Tom Jolly
A Hole in the universe
A Hole in the Universe by J. H. Wear
Aether sphere
Aether Sphere: Fading Dream by Nikolas Baxter
Book Cover: After the Cure by Deirdre Gould
After the Cure by Deirdre Gould
Alien Embrace by Celia Kyle, Lucee Joie, et al
Alien Embrace by multiple authors
Analog heart
Analog Heart by Blake & Wright
Apocalypse earth by JT Skye
Apocalypse Earth: Alien Siege by JT Skye
Axpherial by AJ Kelly
Axpherial: YA science fiction by AJ Kelley
Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Hellenic Abduction by Columbkill Noonan
Barnabas Tew by Columbkill Noonan
Battle Born by JT Skye
Battle Born: Peebo Lim by JT Skye
Battleworld by Kerrick Patterson
Battleworld by Kerrick Patterson
Beyond all war
Beyond All War by Eric Keller
Beyond the steps of stone
Beyond The Steps Of Stone by Beth A Freely
Burnout by Sean Platt & Johnny B Truant
Caden got a ufo
Caden Got a UFO: Space Drama by Ben Revermann
Chaos exulting
Chaos Exulting by Brian Sherlock
Chaos surging
Chaos Surging by Brian Sherlock
Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon
Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon
Chronicles of a space cadet
Chronicles of A Space Cadet by Jon Torres
CONSPIRACY: The Secret War by John Keeble
Constellation by JT Skye
Constellation: Battle at the Rimim by JT Skye
Counter strike by JT Skye
Counter Strike: The Empire Responds by J. T Skye
Damsel not distressed
Damsel, Not Distressed: YA sci-fi by JS Walker
Deadly Illusions Theres More To Magic Than Meets The Eye by Tim Jordan
Deadly Illusions by Tim Jordan
Death by Design
Death By Design by John Graves
Detours in Time by Pamela Schloesser Canepa
Detours in Time by Pamela Schloesser Canepa
distorted purposes
Distorted Purposes by Morgan Douglas
Division by Brad Norris
Division by Brad Norris
Dreams Illuminate by Michelle Iden and Emerson Miller
Dreams Illuminate by Michelle Iden and Emerson Miller
Eighth resonance
Eighth Resonance by Randy Kabitz
Exiles world
Exiles' World by Robert I. Katz
Family Royale by Avery Blake
Family Royale by Avery Blake
Finding lost hearts
Finding Lost Hearts by Andrew Miller
Flight to Bern village
Flight to Bern Village: Vastus by Jason Osiar
Friedas Cookies by Kenneth Warde
Frieda's Cookies by Kenneth Warde
Galaxia: Thirteen Stories Spanning the Unknown Multiverse
Galaxia: Thirteen Stories Spanning the Unknown Multiverse
Generation X by Madison Love
Good news for dead people
Good News for Dead People by Jamie Waters
Hierarchy of blood
Hierarchy of Blood by Jennifer Haskin
Hive by Jeremiah Ukponrefe
Hostile Contact by Nick Snape
Hostile Contact by Nick Snape
Imperial prince by Cathy Smith
Imperial Prince: Heir Apparent by Cathy Smith
Book Cover: JACKED UP by Mark R Morris Jr
JACKED UP by Mark R Morris Jr
Jomar in space by Jon Torres
JOMAR IN SPACE by Jon Torres
Journey to the hopewell star
Journey to the Hopewell Star by Hannah D. State
Judas by Roy Bright
Judas by Roy Bright
Just city by Olga Tymofiyeva
Just City: YA sci-fi by Olga Tymofiyeva
Kiss da wolf
Kiss da Wolf: A Novel by Jason Durant
Kronnus 13
Kronnus 13 by James Sharkey
Kronnus 13
Kronnus 13 by James Sharkey
LIFE in the 23rd Century
L.I.F.E. in the 23rd Century by Jason R. Richter
Leftover girl by CC bolick
Leftover Girl by C. C. Bolick
limited truth
Limited Truth by Kay Bennson
Bems and bugs
Lone Huntress: BEMS AND BUGS by Andrew Miller
Mart of darkness
Mart of Darkness by Phil Granchi
Michelangelo 2000 by Ruth J Burroughs
Michelangelo 2000 and other microstories by Ruth Burroughs
mirror crossed
Mirror Crossed by L. J. Maines
Book Cover: Mission Improbable by J.J. Green
Mission Improbable by J.J. Green
Monster of the dark
Monster of the Dark by KT Belt
Mythion by Jason Davis
New america 2042
New America 2042 by Brett Krausse
New york miracle
New York Miracle by Margo Laurie
Oblivion's cloak by Dylan McFadyen
Oblivion's Cloak by Dylan McFadyen
Omitted pieces
Omitted Pieces by Stephanie Hansen
Book Cover: Only the Dead Don't Die by A.D. Popovich
Only the Dead Don't Die by A.D. Popovich
Out of Time: The Dream Traveler Book One by Ernesto H Lee
Out of Time by Ernesto H. Lee
Book Cover: PAST TENSE by Malcolm McDonald
PAST TENSE by Malcolm McDonald
Persephone's grief
Persephone's Grief by Sandra Bats
Primal instinct
Primal Instinct: Hear her song by Minerva Heart
Ratstrike: England 2035 - Death to the Rat!! by Jools King
REFLECTION: Assignment Earth by Robert Gaspari
Replaced Parts by Stephanie Hansen
Replaced Parts by Stephanie Hansen
Restoration by Sharon Mikeworth
Resurrecting Hope by GJ Havrilla
Resurrecting Hope: First Contact by G.J. Havrilla
Rift: Seoul Searching by Mana Lee
Rise by Margot de klerk
Rise (The Iron Fists Book 1) by Margot de Klerk
Running out by John Keeble
RUNNING OUT by John Keeble
Ruthless positivity
Ruthless Positivity: A sci-fi thriller by Avery Blake
Sarah by Chandra Trulove Fry
Shadows of secrets and lies
Shadows of Secrets and Lies by Dawn Brazil
shape of memories
Shape of Memories by Kristofor Hellmeister
Silk unspun by DS Blake
Silk Unspun (Exopreneurs Book 1) by DS Blake
Six: A tall titillating tale by Ron Weinkauf
Skybound: Science fiction by Lou Iovino
Song of earth by CS Hand
Song of Earth: Sam and Jade's Alien Adventures by CS Hand
Spaces Eternal
Spaces Eternal by Daniel Trump
Spectators of war by Luke Swanson
Spectators of War by Luke Swanson
Book Cover: Starlight by YZ Tan
Starlight by YZ Tan
Stars series
Stars Series Boxed Set by Michele Venne
summary of extraterrestrial
Summary of Extraterrestrial | A Guide to A. Loeb's Book
Survival lottery
SURVIVAL LOTTERY by Vrin del Royal & Olivia Dyrrynel
Tarak by Sage Patel
Tarak - Blood Dictates All by Sage Patel
The amorphan adventre book 2
The Amorphan Adventure Book 2 by KE Brungardt
The Amporphan Effect by K. E. Brungardt
The Amorphan Effect by KE Brungardt
The clockwork cathedral
The Clockwork Cathedral by Heather Blackwood
The dark cygnet files
The Dark Cygnet Files by JE Clarkson
The deadlands
The Deadlands by Minerva Hart
The Dome
The Dome by WF Van Der Hart
Book Cover: THE EMPTY WORLD by Andrew Reeves
THE EMPTY WORLD by Andrew Reeves
THE EYE (The Meaning of Fruth Book 1) by Hari Manev
THE EYE by Hari Manev
Fallen race trilogy by Colin Patrick Garvey
The Fallen Race Trilogy by Colin Patrick Garvey
The fallen ship
The Fallen Ship by Mark Wayne McGinnis
The first seal
The First Seal by Sean Deville
The ghost society
The Ghost Society by JE Clarkson
The girl who sees angels
The Girl Who Sees Angels by Jeffrey McClain Jones
The imposed path by Timothy David
The Imposed Path: The Gem Keepers Saga by Timothy David
The intergalactic space buggy
The Intergalactic Space-buggy Diary by Jimmy Solo
The invitation by Michael Mckinney
The Invitation by Michael Mckinney
The kill switch
The Kill Switch by J. E. Clarkson
The light within the darkness by CM Schimanski
The light within the Darkness by C.M. Schimanski
The mars migration by Wayne M Bailey
The Mars Migration by Wayne M Bailey
The memory project
The Memory Project: A Sci-Fi Mystery Novel by Andrew C Youngson
The navigator
The Navigator by PM Johnson
The Nexus by Vered Ehsani
The Nexus by Vered Ehsani
The night people by CS Hand
The Night People: Sam and Jade's Alien Adventures by CS Hand
The parallel by Kyra Croninger
The Parallel by Kyra R Croninger
Book Cover: THE POEM-SKULL by JM Hushour
The Prometheus Effect
The Prometheus Effect by David Fleming
The reign
The REIGN by Jeffrey McClain Jones
The shareholders by HS Down
The Shareholders by HS Down
The Steel Hounds by Vladimir Vasilenko
The Steel Hounds by Vladimir Vasilenko
The threat by Kerry hugh Dillon
The Threat: A sci-fi thriller by Kerry Hugh Dillon
The tribesmen of juno by Robert I Katz
The Tribesmen of Juno by Robert I Katz
The vanishing office
The Vanishing Office by JE Clarkson
They will be comng for us
They Will Be Coming for Us by Kim Catanzarite
Total Departure
Total Departure by Andrew Reeves
Transit awakening by E Miles Williams
Transit Awakening: The Ny'Zeri Portal Saga by E Miles Williams
Unfinished time
Unfinished Time by Jay Sandover
Vagabond by Tim Rangnow
Vagabond by Tim Rangnow
Vicarious joe
Vicarious Joe: A technothriller by Blake Avery
Warrior creed by JT Skye
Warrior Creed: Win the day... or die by JT Skye
Warrior Elite by JT Skye
Warrior Elite: Tor Benet - Sci Fi Military Space Opera by JT Skye
Warrior series by JT Skye
Warrior Series Omnibus: Books 1 - 3 by JT Skye
World of Sync
World Of Sync, Vol. 1 by Trenton Hall
Z2134: Dystopian science fiction by Sean Platt & David Wright
Zoomers vs boomers
Zoomers vs Boomers: A technothriller by Sawyer Black