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How to talk to anyone at work by Carl Wolf
$0.99 until June 05
Mastering the pitfalls of small business by Katherine Merrill
$0.99 until June 11
Maximum revenue by BW Park
$0.99 until June 12
Fix my team by Nadeen Sivic
$0.99 until May 29
21 secrets to investing in NFT's
21 Secrets to Investing in NFT's by Ascenture Publications
241 brain teasers
241 Real-World Brain Teasers by Invent & Discover
Ways to start a conversation
263 Ways To Start A Conversation by James Collins
7 figure minds
7-Figure Minds by Alinka Rutkowska
Book Cover: A cryptocurrency puzzlebook
A cryptocurrency puzzlebook
A just society
A Just Society by David Dasic
ace the product manager interview
Ace the Product Manager Interview by Liam Taylor
Acting now
ACTing Now by Norman B. Schwartz
Acting Up
Acting Up by Janice Bryant Howroyd
Active Listening For Charisma and Connection by William Wayne
Active Listening For Charisma and Connection by William Wayne
Affiliate Fast Growing’s Expert Secrets by Noel Jean
Airbnb business
Airbnb Business by Steven Carlson
Airbnb essentials
Airbnb Essentials for Hosts by Leon King
Book Cover: ALWAYS BE CLOSING by Omid Kazravan
ALWAYS BE CLOSING by Omid Kazravan
As is roadmap to flipping houses
AS-IS: The roadmap to flipping houses by Anthony Rosado
Assertive communication
Assertive Communication by Amelia Davies
Attack your expenses
Attack Your Expenses by Scott McDowell
Authenticity to agility
Authenticity to Agility by Ozlem Ahiska Weber
Backyard homestead handbook
Backyard Homestead Handbook by Bradley Stone
Book Cover: Bank On It! by Tim Rooney
Bank On It! by Tim Rooney
Becoming Elite by Erik Westrum
Becoming Elite by Erik Westrum
Behind the scoop
Behind the Scoop by Johannes Koch
Big Things Have Small Beginnings Learn to Play the Great Game by Wes Berry
Big Things Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry
Blockchain development
Blockchain Development - Applications! by Jefferey Smith
Branding in the modern economy
Branding In The Modern Economy by Jesse Ruffolo
Build a 6 figure brand
Build a 6 Figure Brand Still Working 9-5 by M Jefferson
Build your wealth like a pro
Build Your Wealth Like a Pro by Gian Pittard
Book Cover: Business Travel Tips by Scott Brave
Business Travel Tips by Scott Brave
Bust Your Fears - A personal guide to making smarter decisions faster by Tiriki Herath
Bust Your Fears by Tiriki Herath
C#: 2 books in 1 by Mark Reed
C# programming
C#: The Ultimate Intermediate Guide by Mark Reed
Comfort Zone Correction by Emily Horabik
Comfort zone correction by Emily Horabik
Common sense investing Pattersenn
Common Sense Investing With Stock Screeners by J.Pattersenn Jr.
Communication skills training
Communication Skills Training by James Collins
Communication skills training
Communication Skills Training Series by James W. Williams
Confident introvert
Confident Introvert by Stephanie Thoma
Content Marketing Made Easy by John Nemo
Content Marketing Made Easy by John Nemo
craft fair life
Craft Fair Life by Brenda DeHaan
Crash Proof your Investment by Dr Paul Keller
Crash Proof Your Investment by Dr Paul Keller
Crypto craze
Crypto Craze: Bitcoin by CD King
Crypto investing
Crypto Investing for Beginners by Coogan T Rayn
Cryptocurrency by Devon Knott
Cryptocurrency entrepreneurship
Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurship by Selynna Payne
Cryptocurrency investing
Cryptocurrency Investing by Samuel Lawson
Crypto's and NFT's
Cryptos and NFTs for the Stealth Investor by Selynna Payne
Dare to do nothing by Amy Minty
Dare to do Nothing by Amy Minty
Dark psychology
Dark Psychology by John C. Davis
DBT skills workbook in 7 weeks
DBT skills workbook in 7 weeks by Maria Clarke
Demystifying money
Demystifying Money by Misty Lynch
Discounted until June 22
Discovering leaders within
Discovering Leaders Within by L Larson
Diversity equity and inclusion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace by Kim Wilson
Dividend growth investing
Dividend Growth Investing by Malcolm Birch
Dividend Investing for Beginners by G Tiberius
Dividend Investing For Beginners by G. R. Tiberius
Dont pour money down the drain
Don’t Pour Money Down The Drain by Stuart Norris
Easy small business ideas
Easy Small Business Ideas by Fraser Druet
eBook designe and development
eBook Design & Development by Andre Akinyele and Jon O'Bergh
Emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Workplace by M. Johnson
Equity Insight
Equity InSight by Ethan Cruz
European Politics on Drugs: A True Story of How Shameless Political Corruption Destroyed a Brilliant Product by Christoph Klein
European Politics on Drugs by Christoph Klein
The art of everyday negotiation without manipulation
Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation by SE Tomenchok
Book Cover: Explosive Growth by Cliff Lerner
Explosive Growth by Cliff Lerner
Falling in love with your job
Falling in Love with Your Job by Hans Schumann
Fearless Living by Richard Feller
FEARLESS LIVING by Richard Feller
Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy by J.B. Malatji
foot in the door
Foot in the Door by Nadya Primak
Book Cover: For Your Small Business by Jessica Drury
For Your Small Business by Jessica Drury
Free lancing
FREE-lancing by Winnie Carmo
Book Cover: Freedom from Bosses Forever by Tony Robinson OBE
Freedom from Bosses Forever by Tony Robinson OBE
From the boardroom to the bedroom by Linda Denise Williams
From the Boardroom to the Bedroom by Linda Williams
Pest control sales by Foster Brusca
Fundamentals of Pest Control Sales by Foster Brusca
Getting your dream job by Pocholo Peraza
Getting Your Dream Job in Big Tech Companies by Pocholo Peraza
Grant writing
Grant Writing in 5 Simple Steps by Connie Bonfy
Greatness beyond the badge
Greatness Beyond the Badge Michael Laidler
Growth cycles by Timothy E Shawley
Growth Cycles by Timothy E Shawley
Guide to using electric cars
Guide To Using Electric Cars by Scott McAllister
Hack inflation
Hack Inflation with Dividend Investing by Kendrick Fernandez
How garage sale flippers
How Garage Sale Flippers are Making a Killing by J. Lundgren
How to Ace a Job Interview by Christine Reidhead
How to Ace a Job Interview by Christine Reidhead
How to argue with anyone by Thinknetic
How To Argue With Anyone by Thinknetic
How to be more assertive
How to Be More Assertive by Melanie Spencer
how to buy a house
How to Buy a House by Yvonne Aileen
How to gt away with anything
How to Get Away With Anything by IK Butcher
How to get rich before 30 by AB Stanley
How To Get Rich Before 30 by A. B. Stanley
How to Make Better Decisions
How to Make Better Decisions by Damon Zahariades
How to make money in stocks
How To Make Money In Stocks by Fred Green
Shipping containers
How To Save The World with Shipping Containers by E Sanchez
How to self learn anything
How To Self-Learn Anything by Thinknetic
how to start and grow an ecommerce
How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business by C. Camisasca
How to talk to anyone about anything
How to Talk to Anyone About Any Topic by James Collins
How to talk to anyone about anything
How to Talk to Anyone About Anything by James W. Williams
How to talk to anyone
How to Talk to Anyone by Lucas Bailey
How to talk to anyone
How to Talk to Anyone by Marcus Smith
How to tell your story like steve jobs
How to Tell Your Story Like Steve Jobs by Selynna Payne
How to win an argument
How to Win An Argument by William Wayne
How to win and influence your staff
How to Win And Influence Your Staff in the Social Media Age
How to win and influence your wife
How to Win and Influence Your Wife in the Social Media Age
How to win customers in the social media age
How to Win Customers in the Social Media Ages by S Pinelli
Data visualisations
How To Win With Your Data Visualizations by Elizabeth Clarke
How to write a business plan
How to Write a Business Plan With No Experience
Hvac customers for life
HVAC Customers for Life by Steph Whittle
I am a hacker
I am a hacker! by Dmitry Antimovich
Summary $ analysis teach you to be rich
I Will Teach You to Be Rich | A Guide to the Book by Ramit Sethi
Ice cream therapy
Ice Cream Therapy: Mindset by Wes Berry
Instant authority
Instant Authority by Drew Laughlin
Instant CEO
Instant CEO by Jennifer Anderson
International online teaching by Nervana Elkhadragy
International Online Teaching by Nervana Elkhadragy
Investing made simple and easy
Investing Made Simple and Easy by WallStreet Smart
It's over! What happens to the house? by Ronica E Akins
IT'S OVER!! What Happens To The House? by Ronica E. Akins
Jewelry Vendors Guidebook by Brenda DeHaan
Jewelry Vendors' Guidebook by Brenda DeHaan
Just lead
Just Lead!!! by Terry Spain
Keep smiling
Keep Smiling: A Career Guide For Models by Tiana Pongs
Leadership for the new female manager
Leadership For The New Female Manager by Karina G. Sanchez
Learn to master personal finance
Learn to Master Personal Finance Management by C. Wheatly
Leaving the golden cage
Leaving the Golden Cage by Norbert Farkas
5 steps to turn your ideas into a business
Little Ideas, Big Business by Billy McLean
LLC beginners guide
LLC Beginner's Guide by Steven Carlson
make a payment
Make A Payment by J. C. Allen
make enterprise great again
Make Enterprise Great Again by EMP Mavericks
Book Cover: Make It, Keep It by Amir Baluch
Make It, Keep It by Amir Baluch
Book Cover: Making Business Connections That Count by Michal Stawicki
Making Business Connections That Count by Michal Stawicki
Making money for teens
Making Money for Teens by Pheonix Read
Master your focus today
Master Your Focus Today by Phil Charles
Zip Summary Bundle
Measure What Matters: The Power of Data to Grow Your Business
Mental performance
Mental Performance Mastery: 2 Books in 1 by Joseph Milano
Mindfulness for everyone 2
Mindfulness for Everyone by Pieter Wesley Whittington
Modern Alpha male
Modern Alpha Male Mindset Strategies by D. Blake
business fiction on kindle
More Than Human by Bill Protzmann
Most exclusive clubs in America by Sweet Palmer
Most Exclusive Clubs in America by Sweet Palmer
Book Cover: New Social Network Platforms in 2016 by Khalid Zidan
New Social Network Platforms in 2016 by Khalid Zidan
No Niche Necessary by Kristen Leigh King
No Niche Necessary by Kristen Leigh King
On my way to greatness
On My Way To Greatness by Wildine Pierre
Online marketing for beginners
Online Marketing Secrets For Beginners by E.M.P Kailie
The only options trading book
Only Options Trading Book You Will Ever Need by K. Fernandez
Organize your digital life
Organize Your Digital Life by Kai M Jordan
Package never received
Passive income ideas
Passive Income Ideas by Leon King
Persistent by Brett Lemos
Personal finance for YA
Personal Finance For Young Adults by Jerrel McCain
Personal finance for young adults
Personal Finance for Young Adults by Leon King
Pivot to product manager
Pivot to Product Manager by Irving Malcolm
Practical metaverse investing
Practical Metaverse Investing Essentials by Selynna Payne
practical python programming
Practical Python Programming For Beginners by Selynna Payne
Grid-down situation
Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation by T Riley
Private label investing
Private Label Investing by Charles Camisasca
Problem solving
Problem Solving For Every Problem by Thinknetic
Python programming ultimate guide
Python Programming by Mark Reed
Real estate investing
Real Estate Investing Buying Your First House Younger by Lou Vachon
Real estate by Gail Villanueva
Real Estate-What's Your Best Fit? by Gail Villanueva
Redefine success for women by January Donovan
Redefine Success For Women by January Donovan
Renewing Your Money Mind How to Go from Common Cents to Kingdom Wealth by Barbara R. Galloway
Renewing Your Money Mind by Barbara R. Galloway
Renouncing Holy Logic
Renouncing Holy Logic by Rami Anabusi
Retirment planning
Retirement Planning for Couples by Phoenix Read
run frictionless
run_frictionless by Anthony Coundouris
save me the plums
Save Me the Plums| A Guide to the Book by Ruth Reichl
Scaling up simplified
Scaling Up Simplified by Shannon Teague
Self publishing painlessly
Self-Publishing Painlessly for FREE by Brenda DeHaan
Self Publishing Painlessly
Self-Publishing Painlessly for FREE by Brenda DeHaan
Sell Your Home With Confidence: Reduce Your Liability When Selling by Saman Saba
Sell Your Home With Confidence by Saman Saba
Set good boundaries
Set Good Boundaries by Zera Young
She's the boss
She's The Boss by Noelle Ingram
Small talk made simple by Sidney Neel
Small Talk Made Simple by Sidney Neel
Book Cover: SQL by Mark Reed
SQL by Mark Reed
How to start an Airbnb business
Start a Successful Airbnb Business by W. Grant & R. Anderson
Stock market for teens
Stock Market Investing for Teens by Myles West
Stocks to buy by Rajendran Selvaraj
Stocks to Buy by Rajendran Selvaraj
Stoic philosophy in a nutshell
Stoic Philosophy In A Nutshell by Thinknetic
Success by Stephen S. Strong
Success factors
Success Factors by Wes Berry
Success guaranteed
Success Guaranteed by Dawn Marcotte
Between the world and me
Summary & Analysis of Between the World and Me 
Summary & Analysis A Guide to Trey Gowdys Book
Summary & Analysis of Doesn't Hurt to Ask
Summary & Analysis of Effortless
Summary bundle
SUMMARY BUNDLE | Ethics & Technology
Women in business
SUMMARY BUNDLE | Women in Business
S&A of Dopamine Nation
Summary Dopamine Nation| A Guide to A. Lembke's Book
summary of a world without email
Summary of A World Without Email | A Guide to C. Newport's Book
Summary get good with money
Summary of Get Good with Money| A Guide to T. Aliche's Book
Summary of green lights
Summary of Greenlights: A Guide to M. McConaughey's Book
No rules rules
Summary of No Rules Rules| A Guide to Hastings & Meyer's Book
Summary & Analysis of Rage
Summary of Rage: A Guide to B. Woodward's Book
Summary of The path
Summary of The Path | A Guide to Peter M. and T. Robbins' Book
The Practice
Summary of The Practice| A Guide to S. Godin's Book
S & A This is your mind on plants
Summary of This is Your Mind on Plants 
Supercharge your communication skills
Supercharge Your Communication Skills by Jason Forte
Surviving remote work
Surviving Remote Work by Sharon Koifman
Take control of your life
Talent Unlocked
Talent Unlocked by Giannis Athanasiou
Taming fear in the age of covid
Taming Fear in the Age of Covid by Winfried Sedhoff
Book Cover: Tax Planning For Women Entrepreneurs by Lisa Corbitt
Tax Planning For Women Entrepreneurs by Lisa Corbitt
Differentiated instruction
Teach Differentiated Instruction Online by Sheryl Piner
Technical Analysis Explained by Malcolm Birch
Technical Analysis Explained by Malcolm Birch
Technical Analysis for Beginners by AZ Penn
Technical Analysis for Beginners by A. Z. Penn
That is a good idea
THAT IS A GOOD IDEA by Herbert King
The $100k book strategy
The $100K Book Strategy by Gracie Weis
The 5K Challenge for Solopreneurs
The 5K Challenge for Solopreneurs by Joeri Billast
The art of finding flow by Damon Zahariades
The Art of Finding FLOW by Damon Zahariades
The art of team communication
The Art of Team Communication by Don Rossmoore
Commercial real estate by Christopher Barker
The BIBLE for Commercial Real Estate by Christopher Barker
The blood and guts of email marketing
The Blood and Guts of Email Marketing by W.M. Housouer
The drop servicing revolution
The Drop Servicing Revolution by Ben Pardi
The eloquence of effort
The Eloquence of Effort by Indar Maharaj
Entrepreneur makeover
The Entrepreneur Makeover by Andreas Ioannou
The evolution of bitcoin
The Evolution of Bitcoin by Matthew Law
The exposed engineer
The Exposed Engineer by Tomasz D Jasinski
Flip by D Sidney Potter
The Flip by D. Sidney Potter
The healthy puppy factory
The Healthy Puppy Factory by Aaron Herrmann
The history of ukraine and russia
The History of Ukraine and Russia by Marc Miles Vaughn
The mental toughness handbook
The Mental Toughness Handbook by Damon Zahariades
Stock marketing for teens
The Modern Guide to Stock Market Investing for Teens by J & A Law
The online business academy by Thomas Bourne
The Online Business Academy for Beginners by Thomas Bourne
The only airbnb investing guide
The Only Airbnb Investing Guide You Will Need by Richard Hedberg
the people's gold
The People’s Gold: Everyone, Everywhere, Every Time By M. L. Pilgrim
The playbook to starting a small business
The Playbook to Starting A Small Business by Victoria Sharp
The Psychology Of Top Talent: The Practical Scientifically Proven Method to Identify, Hire, and Develop High Performers by Eric Frazer
The Psychology Of Top Talent by Eric Frazer
The real project managers handbook
The REAL Project Manager's Handbook by Angela D. Sargent
The remnants
The Remnants: Essays, Interviews & Writings by Zoltan Istvan
The secrets of value investing
The Secrets of Value Investing You Need to Know by JD Rams
Rental playbook
The Short-Term Rental Playbook by Andy Wen
The smartphone addiction
The Smartphone Addiction Restriction by Concerned Citizen Pub
The Song in my Head
The Song In My Head by Kathy Brown & Jean Michel 'Kiki' Aublette
the stoic philosopher within you
The Stoic Philosopher Within You by Thinknetic
Teaching today
The Teaching Today Series books 1, 2 & 3 by Selena Watts
Book Selling
The Ultimate Author Checklist by Lyda McLallan
The women we watched by Charlene keys bowen
The Women We Watched by Charlene Keys Bowen
They dont have to see you
They don't have to see you by Hollis Avery
Think like a boss
Think Like A Boss by Chika Njoku
Think Trade and Grow Rich by Benjamin Kahriman
Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! by Benjamin Kahriman
Time management for the overwhelmed
Time Management for the Overwhelmed by Violet Mendez
To live outside the law
To Live Outside The Law: Finding My Mojo by Simon McCoy
Top 3 Secret Sales Challenges by Carson Cook
Top 3 Secret Sales Challenges by Carson Cook
trade works
Trade Works: The Trade Finance Investor by A Schweitzer
Trucking business startup by Richard Hedberg
Trucking Business Startup by Richard Hedberg
Trucking business start up
TRUCKING BUSINESS STARTUP by Trucking Business Solutions
Unconventional by Jamie Andrea Garzot
Unlock the Bitcoin Secret by Tanja Aebischer
Unlock the Bitcoin Secret by Tanja Aebischer
visions values and corporate hypocrisy
Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy by Kendall Williams
wallet street
Wallet Street: Let's Talk Personal Finance by Allison King
War 19 Biden
War 19 Biden vs. China by J. Alton Beauchamp
Web3 social
Web3 Social by Allen Taylor
Wellness is your business by Jennell Cook
Wellness is Your Business by Jennell Cook
What is DeFi? Guide to Hex by Joakim Kristiansen
What is DeFi?A guide to StableCoins by Joakim Kristiansen
What is DeFi? Guide to Stablecoins by Joakim Kristiansen
Book Cover: What News Have You Brought Us Today? by D Sescri
What News Have You Brought Us Today? by D Sescri
Who's leading your business by Liz Parker
Who's Leading Your Business? by Liz Parker
Win your way up by Jennifer Hepie
Win Your Way Up by Jennifer Hepie
Winning in the Digital Tornado by Allan Thomas Chiulli
Winning in the Digital Tornado by Allan Thomas Chiulli
Work Smart Business: Lessons Learned from HYPNOTIZING 250,000 People and Building a MILLION-DOLLAR Brand by Jason Linett
Work Smart Business by Jason Linett
Workplace safety
Workplace Safety On A Budget by Gavin Coyle
Stock Market Pro by James Pattersenn JR
You Can Invest Like A Stock Market Pro by James Pattersenn Jr
Your fabulous first book
Your Fabulous First Book by Andrea Susan Glass
Your next big idea
Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders