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Unavoidable narcissist
$0.99 until October 01
41 ways to amaze her
41 Ways to AMAZE Her by Gabriel Evans
7 figure minds
7-Figure Minds by Alinka Rutkowska
9 untold secrets to pain free breast feeding
9 Untold Secrets to Pain-Free Breastfeeding by K. Whittaker
a happy and healthy pregnancy
A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy by Amanda James
apotheosis now
Apotheosis Now by Yanhou Huang
Be your own guide
Be Your Own Guide by Rachel Riggio
Black thumb greenhouse
Black Thumb Greenhouse by J.D. Isaly
Break through the noise by Mia Reyes
Break Through The Noise by Mia Reyes
Comfort Zone Correction by Emily Horabik
Comfort zone correction by Emily Horabik
Communication skills training
Communication Skills Training Series by James W. Williams
Conquer logical fallacies
Conquer Logical Fallacies by Thinknetic
crafty decluttering
Crafty Decluttering by Brenda DeHaan
Crystals for the mind
Crystals For The Mind by Allegra Grant
Daily habit evolution
Daily Habit Evolution by The Positivity Policy
Daily happy living
Daily Happy Living by Gopi Menon
Dak Ackerthefifth and the Ethics of Heroism by Joshua S Joseph
Develop a beautiful mind
Develop a Beautiful Mind God's Way by Eunice Onode
Dating advice
Discounted until October 08
Dream physics
Dream Physics by Damian Amamoo
Easy self discipline
Easy Self-Discipline by James W. Williams
Effective laziness
Effective Laziness by S.O. Damilola
Empowered woman
Empowered Woman by Adebola Ajao
Find happiness through negative thinking
Find Happiness Through Negative Thinking by Larry Gotterer
Flawless skin
Flawless Skin by Aesthetics Campus
Gardening for the complete beginner
Gardening For The Complete Beginner by LD Greens
How to Make Better Decisions
How to Make Better Decisions by Damon Zahariades
How to spot a liar James W Williams
How to Spot a Liar by James W. Williams
life giving dementia care
Life Giving Dementia Care by Toni Kanzler
Listening Skills Training
Listening Skills Training by James W. Williams
make a payment
Make A Payment by J. C. Allen
Marijuana growing secrets
Master the art of garden design
Master the Art of Garden Design by Kate Molina
Modern Alpha male
Modern Alpha Male Mindset Strategies by D. Blake
Narcissistic abuse
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery by Amy White
Our Human Herds by Martin Fritz
Our Human Herds by Stephen Martin Fritz
Pivot to product manager
Pivot to Product Manager by Irving Malcolm
Relieve pain without side effects
Relieve Pain Without Side Effects by Lemerond & McBarron
Sailing for Blondes
Sailing For Blondes by Joyce Matlock
SO WHAT IF YOU HAVE FAILED! Be Inspired by FV Joseph
Success guaranteed
Success Guaranteed by Dawn Marcotte
Summary and Analysis of Chatter
Summary & Analysis of Chatter| A Guide to E. Kross's Book
Summary & Analysis of Effortless
Summary Nice Racism
Summary & Analysis of Nice Racism
Range by David Epstein
Summary & Analysis of Range | A Guide to the Book by David Epstein
Summary get good with money
Summary of Get Good with Money| A Guide to T. Aliche's Book
unwinding anxiety
Summary of Unwinding Anxiety| A Guide to J. Brewer's Book
Summary what happened to you
Summary of What Happened to You?| Perry & Winfrey's Book A Guide
Woman evolve
Summary of Woman Evolve| A Guide to S. J. Roberts' Book
Sweat the small stuff
Sweat the Small Stuff by Milo Kemp
Take control of your life
Tarot made simple
Tarot Made Simply by Ella Hokanson
Technical Analysis for Beginners by AZ Penn
Technical Analysis for Beginners by A. Z. Penn
The addiction manifesto
The Addiction Manifesto by JR Weaver
The codependent recovery
The Codependency Recovery Blueprint by Don Barlow
the eq revolution
THE E.Q. REVOLUTION by Michael Vincent Moore
The fear of failure
The Fear of Failure by Wilda Hale
The habit of critical thinking
The Habit Of Critical Thinking by Thinknetic
Teaching today
The Teaching Today Series books 1, 2 & 3 by Selena Watts
toxic thinking
Toxic Thinking: s by K.C. Myler
Unlocking self-confidence
Unlocking Your Self-Confidence by James Turnbull
Vegetable Gardening by Stephanie Stephenson
Vegetable Gardening by Stephanie Stephenson