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The worst case disaster survival
$0.99 until August 12
The 5K Challenge for Solopreneurs
$0.99 until August 12
The exposed engineer
$0.99 until September 06
13 steps to optimum self esteem
13 Steps To Optimum Self-Esteem For Women by Sarrana Rain
21 secrets to investing in NFT's
21 Secrets to Investing in NFT's by Ascenture Publications
41 ways to amaze her
41 Ways to AMAZE Her by Gabriel Evans
7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+ by Liam Owen
7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+
7 figure minds
7-Figure Minds by Alinka Rutkowska
9 untold secrets to pain free breast feeding
9 Untold Secrets to Pain-Free Breastfeeding by K. Whittaker
A beginners guide to plant based
A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Plant-Based Weight-Loss
a happy and healthy pregnancy
A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy by Amanda James
ADHD raising an explosive child
ADHD: Raising an Explosive Child by Lois Baxter
apotheosis now
Apotheosis Now by Yanhou Huang
Armor your mind
Armor Your Mind by Carl Prox
Backyard homestead handbook
Backyard Homestead Handbook by Bradley Stone
Be your own guide
Be Your Own Guide by Rachel Riggio
Black thumb greenhouse
Black Thumb Greenhouse by J.D. Isaly
Break through the noise by Mia Reyes
Break Through The Noise by Mia Reyes
Building your family forever
Building Your Forever Family by Danise Rapetti
C# the ultimate advanced guide
C# by Mark Reed
Codependency recovery workbook
Codependency Recovery Workbook by Linda Hill
Comfort Zone Correction by Emily Horabik
Comfort zone correction by Emily Horabik
Communication skills training
Communication Skills Training Series by James W. Williams
Conquer logical fallacies
Conquer Logical Fallacies by Thinknetic
crafty decluttering
Crafty Decluttering by Brenda DeHaan
socratic mastery
Critical Thinking & Socratic Questioning Mastery by Thinknetic
critical thinking in a nutshell
Critical Thinking In A Nutshell by Thinknetic
Crypto investing
Crypto Investing for Beginners by Coogan T Rayn
Cryptocurrency investing
Cryptocurrency Investing by Samuel Lawson
Crystals for the mind
Crystals For The Mind by Allegra Grant
Daily affirmations
Daily Affirmations by Tessa Anderson
Daily habit evolution
Daily Habit Evolution by The Positivity Policy
Daily happy living
Daily Happy Living by Gopi Menon
Dak Ackerthefifth and the Ethics of Heroism by Joshua S Joseph
Dating advice
Dating Advice 360 by DM Woods
Unavoidable narcissist
Dealing with the Unavoidable Narcissist in Your Life by S. Koh
declutter your mind
Declutter Your Mind In A Year Or Less! by Kai Jordan
Decluttering advice
Decluttering Advice by Lisa Hedberg
Decluttering mastery 3 in 1
Decluttering Mastery by Lisa Hedberg
Demystifying money
Demystifying Money by Misty Lynch
Develop a beautiful mind
Develop a Beautiful Mind God's Way by Eunice Onode
Mindfulness for everyone 2
Discounted until August 24
Book Cover: Discounted until August 28
Discounted until August 28
Dividend growth investing
Dividend Growth Investing by Malcolm Birch
Dream physics
Dream Physics by Damian Amamoo
Easy self discipline
Easy Self-Discipline by James W. Williams
Effective laziness
Effective Laziness by S.O. Damilola
embracing stoicism
Embracing Stoicism in Modern Times by Thinknetic
Emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence by Amelia Davies
Emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Workplace by M. Johnson
Empowered woman
Empowered Woman by Adebola Ajao
Enough overthinking
Fearless wisdom
Fearless Wisdom by Richard Feller
Find happiness through negative thinking
Find Happiness Through Negative Thinking by Larry Gotterer
Flawless skin
Flawless Skin by Aesthetics Campus
Flipping the script on negativity
Flipping the Script on Negativity by Judy Marie Balloff
Forget me not
Forget Me Not by Torri L Fisher
Freedom from failure
Freedom From Failure by Desmond Devenish
Gardening for the complete beginner
Gardening For The Complete Beginner by LD Greens
Gaslighting and abuse
Gaslighting and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery by Ellen J Cure
GASLIGHTING by Janet Bloom
Get out of your head
Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2 by Brian Sachetta
Give faith a fighting chance
Give Faith a Fighting Chance by Agnieszka Sycewicz
Guided meditation to happiness
Guided Meditation to Happiness by Michelle Mann
Hack inflation
Hack Inflation with Dividend Investing by Kendrick Fernandez
Help me Im stuck
Help Me, I'm Stuck by Vaughn Carter
Herbalism and natural remedies
Herbalism and Natural Remedies by Small Footprint Press
How to gt away with anything
How to Get Away With Anything by IK Butcher
How to Make Better Decisions
How to Make Better Decisions by Damon Zahariades
How to spot a liar James W Williams
How to Spot a Liar by James W. Williams
Investing made simple and easy
Investing Made Simple and Easy by WallStreet Smart
Learn Spanish for Adults
Learn Spanish For Adult Beginners Bundle by Explore ToWin
Letting go and living now
Letting Go and Living Now by Steve Madonia
Life advice for teens
Life Advice for Teens from an Ageless Grandma by B. Da Haan
life giving dementia care
Life Giving Dementia Care by Toni Kanzler
Listening Skills Training
Listening Skills Training by James W. Williams
make a payment
Make A Payment by J. C. Allen
Making money for teens
Making Money for Teens by Pheonix Read
Marijuana growing secrets
Master the art of garden design
Master the Art of Garden Design by Kate Molina
Mastering the law of attraction for money
Mastering the Law of Attraction for Money by Layla Moon
Mental models at work
Mental Models At Work by Thinknetic
Mental model in a nutshell
Mental Models In A Nutshell by Thinknetic
Mental models 2 in 1
Mental Models Mastery by Thinknetic
Mental performance
Mental Performance Mastery: 2 Books in 1 by Joseph Milano
MIND by David Shepard
Modern Alpha male
Modern Alpha Male Mindset Strategies by D. Blake
Narcissistic abuse
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery by Amy White
Narcissistic abuse recovery
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery by Linda Hill
Not him or her
Not ‘Him’ Or ‘Her’: Supporting My Non-Binary Child by M. Mann
Odin's runes
Odin’s Runes by Zara Greene
Off grid living boxset
Off Grid Living Ultimate Survival Bible by Bradley Stone
On my way to greatness
On My Way To Greatness by Wildine Pierre
Organize your digital life
Organize Your Digital Life by Kai M Jordan
Our Human Herds by Martin Fritz
Our Human Herds by Stephen Martin Fritz
Overthinking is not the solution
Overthinking Is Not the Solution by Robert J. Charles
Pacific northwest edible plants
Pacific Northwest Edible Plant Foraging by Mike Ramirez
Parenting children with ADHD
Parenting Children with ADHD by Vivian Foster
Patriotism: Without a Country, We are Nothing by Ramakant Dash
Peace be shadow work
Peace Be Shadow Work by C. J. Perry
Pivot to product manager
Pivot to Product Manager by Irving Malcolm
Prepper's long term survival bible
Prepper's Long Term Survival Bible by Bradley Stone
Raising chickens
Raising Chickens for Beginners by Bradley Stone
Book Cover: Regrets: I've Had (Quite) A Few by Geraldine Helen Hartman 
Regrets: I've Had (Quite) A Few by Geraldine Helen Hartman 
Relieve pain without side effects
Relieve Pain Without Side Effects by Lemerond & McBarron
Sailing for Blondes
Sailing For Blondes by Joyce Matlock
Self love workbook for men
Self-Love Workbook for Men by Edgar Wise
7 nlp techniques
Seven NLP Techniques To Break Any Bad Habit by S. Thompson
SO WHAT IF YOU HAVE FAILED! Be Inspired by FV Joseph
Somatc trauma healing
Somatic trauma healing by Ascending Vibrations
Soul therapy for the worried mind
Soul Therapy For The Worried Mind by Vincent King
Stoic philosophy in a nutshell
Stoic Philosophy In A Nutshell by Thinknetic
Stop toxic thoughts
Stop Toxic Thoughts by Cody Evans
Success guaranteed
Success Guaranteed by Dawn Marcotte
Summary and Analysis of Chatter
Summary & Analysis of Chatter| A Guide to E. Kross's Book
Summary & Analysis of Effortless
Summary Nice Racism
Summary & Analysis of Nice Racism
Range by David Epstein
Summary & Analysis of Range | A Guide to the Book by David Epstein
S&A of Dopamine Nation
Summary Dopamine Nation| A Guide to A. Lembke's Book
Summary get good with money
Summary of Get Good with Money| A Guide to T. Aliche's Book
unwinding anxiety
Summary of Unwinding Anxiety| A Guide to J. Brewer's Book
Summary what happened to you
Summary of What Happened to You?| Perry & Winfrey's Book A Guide
Woman evolve
Summary of Woman Evolve| A Guide to S. J. Roberts' Book
Sustainable gardening
Sustainable Gardening For The Complete Beginner by LD Greens
Sweat the small stuff
Sweat the Small Stuff by Milo Kemp
Take control of your life
Tarot made simple
Tarot Made Simply by Ella Hokanson
Technical Analysis Explained by Malcolm Birch
Technical Analysis Explained by Malcolm Birch
Technical Analysis for Beginners by AZ Penn
Technical Analysis for Beginners by A. Z. Penn
The addiction manifesto
The Addiction Manifesto by JR Weaver
The adventures of Dan and tina
The Adventures of Dan and Tina by Dan McGrath
The art of letting go
The Art of Letting GO by Damon Zahariades
The codependent recovery
The Codependency Recovery Blueprint by Don Barlow
Perimenopausal plan
The Complete Perimenopause Weight Loss Plan by Sara Harris-Hill
The DBT workbook
The DBT Skills Workbook For Teens by The Mentor Bucket
Mastering your emotional heart print
THE E.Q. REVOLUTION by Michael Vincent Moore
The elementary bugler
The Elementary Bugler by Scott Sterling
The eloquence of effort
The Eloquence of Effort by Indar Maharaj
The fear of failure
The Fear of Failure by Wilda Hale
The great survival of foraging edible plants
The Great Survival Book of Foraging Wild Edible Plants
The habit of critical thinking
The Habit Of Critical Thinking by Thinknetic
The holistic book of herbal medicine
The Holistic Book of Herbal Medicine by Small Footprint Press
Life transformation
The Life Transformation Workbook by Hunter Carson
The mental health prescription
The Mental Health Prescription by Igor Klibanov
The only hoodoo for beginners book youll ever need
The Only Hoodoo for Beginners Book You Need by Layla Moon
The only law of attraction
The Only Law of Attraction Book You'll Ever Need by Layla Moon
The powerful book of hoodoo
The Powerful Book of Hoodoo Spells by Layla Moon
The preppers long term survival
The Prepper’s Long Term Survival Bible by Jim Grylls
The preppers survival bible
The Prepper’s Survival Bible by Richard Man
The smartphone addiction
The Smartphone Addiction Restriction by Concerned Citizen Pub
The socratic way of questioning
The Socratic Way Of Questioning by Thinknetic
Teaching today
The Teaching Today Series books 1, 2 & 3 by Selena Watts
Book Cover: There's a Reason For That by Nolan Collins
There's a Reason For That by Nolan Collins
Total fitness and nutrition over 40
toxic thinking
Toxic Thinking: s by K.C. Myler
Turning point moments
Turning Point Moments by Christine Kloser
Unlocking self-confidence
Unlocking Your Self-Confidence by James Turnbull
Vegetable Gardening by Stephanie Stephenson
Vegetable Gardening by Stephanie Stephenson
Water bath canning
Water Bath Canning For Beginners and Beyond! by L C Johnson
Wiccan protection spells
Wiccan Protection Spells by Cassandra Jade
Witchcraft for beginners
Witchcraft for Beginners by Eleanor Clemm
Your daily dose of stoic wisdom
Your Daily Dose Of Stoic Wisdom by Thinknetic
Your most amazing day yet
Your Most Amazing Day Yet by Charlie Bell